I am Shannon Seyforth, owner of Mad Shannon's Phit Shed, LLC and your Coach!

Certifications & Qualifications: ACE Personal Trainer; Fittour Personal Trainer; CPR/AED First Aid Certified; AFAA Kickboxing; Fittour Group Fitness Instructor Certified; In progress: Precision Nutrition Certification. 

Favorite Workout: Deadlifts

Loves: A good sweat session - one that challenges me!

Words: Be someone worth knowing.


In 1999, overweight, depressed, and living what I thought was my “best life”, I woke up one morning with the determination to set out to be a better version of myself.  Twenty years later, I am still working on becoming the best version of myself, daily!


My journey began when I myself hired a Personal Trainer and jumped on board for a program through the gym I was working out at.  As the Aerobics music pumped upstairs, I was intrigued and I encouraged my friend, Laurie to check it out! I loved it and I could not get enough! I started to attend every class offered, and when my favorite instructor was leaving the club, my question was “Who will teach this class now?”  Her response: “YOU!” Me? What? Get in front of people and teach? NO! 3 months later I was rocking the floor and step aerobics in my white scrunchie socks, spandex and headbands. I was literally feeling my best and was loving the feeling of helping others feel their best.


My journey continued as I progressed in the world of aerobics and group fitness classes, and eventually I sought out Personal Training as a “why not” thought!  My passion for fitness gave me the opportunity to light other’s souls on fire and reach their goals.

Through my fitness journey I have competed in 7 Natural Bodybuilding Competitions throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota.  I have had the honor helping others in their journey to the stage and absolutely love being a part of something so amazing!




In 2018, I decided to make Mad Shannons’ Phit Shed, LLC a legit business and re-opened my doors after a few years off!  Mid year 2018, I relocated my business and my crew to Cadott within Serenity Fitness where we hope to continue to call this home for many years to come!  As a contracted Personal Trainer at Serenity Fitness, I am there to help the already existing client database as well as continue to grow Mad Shannon’s Phit Shed, LLC.  The community we have built is like none other, one that is welcoming and positive.


Whether you are a seasoned fitness individual, or someone who is just getting started, the best investment you can make is one on yourself! You have one body, take care of it! It is capable of many amazing things.


I look forward to meeting you and joining in crushing your fitness/health goals!  

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