A Day at the Fair

My very first “professional” job was the Marketing Director at the Eau Claire Indoor Sports Center. Granted I was 30 years old and just really getting started on my Career path, I had various jobs up until the point of my return to school to obtain my degree, but that’s a whole other story!

As the Marketing Director, my tasks included attending various events and promoting the ECISC. One of the first events I worked at solo was the Eau Claire Chamber Business Expo, which is held every fall. I can remember preparing so far in advance for the event, what would the event consist of, who would I be targeting, how would I present myself and promote the Sports Center, it was a whirlwind going through my mind as I was going to be representing a brand, as a professional and not just a worker!

Walking up to my end booth at this years EC Bridal Fair and Women’s Expo, those same feelings came rushing through me. This is the moment that I will be representing my own business, my reflection of who I am and where I am going! As I approach the booth and set my whole 7 items on the table, I take it all in and imagine what would I as a customer feel comfortable walking up to? 

As a Fitness Professional of over 20 years, I understand how intimidating Fitness folk can be. Hence the table and booth set up. I aligned our booth so guests could walk up at their comfort level, observe the photos, maybe grab a flier and snag one of those free water bottles from Serenity Fitness.

The day kicked off with the V.I.B’s (Very Important Brides) who were able to arrive one hour early, then the flood gates opened at noon! As Brittany, Kelsey and I gazed through the crowd, admired the wedding cake directly in front of us, we allowed guests to stop at their leisure and ask questions or just share their stories! The trick is to just stand back and not attack. Let them come to you. I offer a service that may be of interest to them, or it may not. The picture boards we shared were worth more than any words or pushy fitness guru can push on a person. Every person in those photos is someone worth knowing. The sense of feeling that you want to be a part of that crew was illuminating!

For a first time event, was it successful? Sure. If anything, it got the name Mad Shannon’s Phit Shed out here. And, I actually got to pull my Marketing Director skills out of my back pocket.

No matter if we get one new face or ten, I am proud. Proud of my hard work, but so proud of you. You make MSPS! I am just the trainer. I look forward to what the future holds. Whether it's more events, or adding more services, the possibilities are endless and the future's so bright!

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