It's hard to believe 60 days have passed since we've officially been placed on, "lock down". I look back at the last two months and wonder how that can even be possible. Did Spring just pass us by and did we accomplish all we set out to do with some extra downtime?

I walked back into the gym this week to start softly opening my business. It was exciting in all aspects.

  1. I greatly appreciate all my clients who supported me during this time, whether it was virtual training, online training, or nutrition, I'm forever grateful to be able to return to my daily task of helping all of you full time!

  2. As I look at my June schedule we have all kinds of new classes being added and I'm seeing a few new faces and some returning clients.

  3. Time to get my vocal cords warmed back up and my legs stretched out for the days ahead!

Over the course of the 60 days, I took full advantage of getting some additional certifications and took some time to educate myself on various topics. I'm excited to incorporate all of my new tools into Small Group, One on One, and Large Group sessions with all of you! Also, I was able to get a few projects done around the house I've been putting off over the course of the last two years and it feels really good! Furthermore, I took some time to enjoy the outdoors, traveled to new locations to bike, hike and enjoy nature!

The virtual training took, "schweaty" to a whole new level. While I feel like a superwoman at times tossing around the big weights at the gym, turns our those 2lb plates kicked my butt a little bit more!

Another win, I was able to promote MSPS via TV13, the Chippewa Herald, and the Eau Claire Leader Telegram showing off my virtual classes and talking more about services I was able to offer during this time. I dug into my Marketing toolbox and forged forward in gaining some business during this unknown time.

Now that we are back to it, we have to remember that there are regulations in place to ensure everyone's health and safety. I ask all of my clients to be patient during the transition and be sure to embrace all the new processes so we can continue our health journeys in our amazing community.

Some of you have chosen to take some additional time away as you are not quite ready to return or you have some restrictions due to your employment. You owe no explanation and I understand. I look forward to your return when you are ready! Keep in mind I'm offering virtual training options to help you all stay on track. Nonetheless, we are all in this together!

Until the next SHEDLog, stay strong and be someone worth knowing!

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