DIVA Classic 2019

DIVA, a word that can mean so many different meanings. However, to 3 beautiful women it meant so much more!

Pictured from left to right: Audrey, Char, Amy & Coach Shannon

The Annual DIVA Classic in Duluth Minnesota was held on Saturday, May 11th at the University of Duluth. As a past participant of this show, a veteran coach to many competitors gracing the stage, this show is a must to my Fitness Competitor Squad!

Three competitors (shown below from left to right): one Bodybuilder, one Figure, and one Bikini trained for 16 long grueling weeks this winter. 16 weeks? Why? Well, let me tell you, it takes that long to build and to lean out! It is a process, a journey. One that will change your life FOREVER! Gracing the stage with the best package of a body you can is only part of this amazing transformation, the rest is what you learn from within.

As a proud Coach, I am happy to report we have some hardware to add to this realm of fitness! Amy Sather placed 1st in Beginner Bodybuilding, and 4th in Open Bodybuilding. Char Kelley placed 1st in Transformation, and if you did not get to see or hear her story let me tell you, it is amazing and inspiring! Audrey Jackson spent almost 30 grueling minutes on stage in her first heat for Bikini Short Beginner! Tough class, lots of gorgeous muscle! Audrey took 4th in this class, and 3rd in Open Short Bikini! Nonetheless, I am the utmost proud of the class these girls brought with them, the confidence they produced, and most of all the sportsmanship they showed!

As their Coach, friend, and mentor I share in their excitement to continue to push forward to reach new goals and become a better version of themselves daily. Strong is beautiful. Beautiful comes from the inside out! As a former Bodybuilder, I stick to my roots of keeping my nutrition in check and my weights in motion. Off season is key to a Fitness Competitor. What you do when the lights are off and the tan is faded pour over into that next stage call!

If you see these ladies, give them a high five. Much deserved and well earned. A lot of time went into these bodies. Time away from their families, time away from fun things!

Interested in competing and think you have what it takes? Here is what to expect:

  • 16 weeks - clean eating, lifting, cardio, posing and accessory work

  • 12 weeks - no alcohol or cheat meals

  • 8 weeks - diet changes to hit goals, added cardio, posing and routine work

  • 1 week - dehydration week and peak week! Time to pump and fill the muscles!

While training, you will be expecting to following a strict eating diet plan, take supplements as prescribed, drink up to 2 gallons of water, and commit to 7 days a week of working out, 3 hours a day to workouts / meal prep / posing. So in a nutshell, it's a full time job! Dedication and perseverance pays off! There are no cutting corners or quick fixes. You put in the time, you reap the rewards!

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