Summer at Mad Shannon's Phit Shed has brought us a slight change of pace and a chance to step outside our comfort zone trying new things and bringing back old activities that we used to enjoy. While we are missing just a couple members of our Squad, we have welcomed new faces and look forward to seeing our fellow Squad members return in time!

Last winter the Squad took a roll with the bowling balls at the Cadott Bowling Alley in a few games of bowling supporting the Cadott Fire Department. This summer the Squad stepped outside and onto the Whispering Pines Golf Course for an afternoon of fun and games! What is one word to describe this event? FUN! I know, I know, I overuse that word, but seriously I look forward to my time off and this day was right up there in the FUN meter!

I'm a firm believer in team building and having fun all wrapped in one. Events like this run themselves. It's easy. Set the activity, set the date and promote the craziness!

You all truly make MSPS who we are. We are a Team. We are a Squad. We work hard and play hard!

Every event allows everyone to try new things, meet new people and get out of the everyday norm judgement free!

I'm grateful everyday for the community we have built. I look forward to what the future holds and future events we can participate in. What is in store for us next? Well, right now we plan on meeting in September for the annual end of summer party. I'm always open for suggestions and ideas for us to gather as a Squad and give back to our community, our home, Cadott, WI!

We can't control what's happening around us in this world, but we can set a goal to do better and be better. Take advantage of opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Don't let MSPS be, "that group of fitness people". Let MSPS be your family and a chance to live your best life! We are more than just, "fitness people". We are family and we are your friends. We are here to listen, encourage and have fun with! Life is short, take a swing, take a chance! We have some fun things going on and we look forward to adding to our Squad.

For my Squad today, THANK YOU! Thank you for joining the fun, allowing me to be a part of your already incredible journey and inspiring others!

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