Mirror Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall...oh that nursery rhyme rings through our ears even as adults. 

Lately, I've been having the same conversations with many of my clients, what they see in the mirror is not what the world is actually seeing. We all do it. Stand there.  Stare at our bodies, pick ourselves apart, wish we had this or that, pull at our stomachs, grab the flab on our arms, and not to mention the cellulite that shows up on the back of our legs! 

Have you ever taken a step back and admired the body you are seeing? Appreciating its scars?  Remembering that stretch mark from the kiddos or the one time you thought you were in the best shape of your life and yet you still picked yourself apart?

Do me a favor. 

  1. Find a mirror.

  2. Record what & who you see.

  3. What is your WHY?

I asked my clients to take a selfie, send it to me and tell me what they see in that picture.  Who? Why? What? I did the same.  

Let’s meet ..Nicole.  First, I want to Thank Nicole for doing this. Read what Nicole has to say, then my comments are below.

Nicole:  I see a work in progress. I'm stronger than I used to be but I'm not done yet..nor will I ever be

Coach Shannon When I see Nicole, I see a strong beautiful woman! I see a girl who is stronger than she thinks, and is just waiting to let that inner athlete to be unleashed! I also see a girl who is very passionate about helping others, her family and growing positive within the community.  I see a girl who is determined, who will do whatever it takes to make it happen!

As many of you know, I have competed in Natural Bodybuilding shows over the years, and heck yes, you are in the best shape of your life! You feel amazing! You look amazing!  However, that body does not last. Your body fills back out, you seem to beat yourself up for not “staying on the plan”. No matter how hard you workout it just does seem to all fall back into place of where you were the day of the show.  It was always a hard pill for me to grasp.  

I took a picture of myself one morning at the gym, reminiscing of the time I took the same selfie pose only 1 week off a show.  The picture from 2016 (Left) is that same girl in 2019 (Right, pink tank). The same exact girl, can you believe it??? The only thing that has changed is that I have finally freed myself of the body image, food issues, and over training issue.

2016 (Left), 2019 (Right)

When I look at 2019, I see a strong healthy girl.  A girl that enjoys life, but still tries to stay in the correct lane.  When I look at 2016 I see a girl fighting demons and who has forgotten how to have fun and let her hair down.  She is on a strict diet, she is killing it 7 days a week at the gym, and really, why?  

The fact is, I am the same person, just healthier in all aspects.  My why? LOVE. Love your body. Love you. Love those around you. Stop beating yourself up and let your body be banging just the way it is! Eat right, drink your water and move!  

As I have shared with many of my clients, don’t be so hard on yourself!  Other people see changes in you even when you don’t see them in yourselves.  You have one body. You can’t just go trade it in. Treat it right and LOVE what you see.  Love who you are. Love the skin you're in. After all, this is where it all starts. The love you have for yourself is the love that will generate on to others!  You are all an inspiration! Don’t ever forget that!  

Share your stories! I want to post them, share with others! Others can relate to each of you in some way shape or form.  

Until we SHEDLog next time, look into that mirror, SMILE, LOVE who is looking at you!!  - Coach Shannon

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