Pursuit of Happiness COVID-19

On Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 I somberly walked out of Serenity Fitness with a heavy heart and a racing mind. I really hoped we were going to be able to continue our Small Group and Personal Sessions a bit longer, however COVID-19 had different plans for us.

Many of my clients had begun working from home. Some found this to be great while others struggled. The one thing all of my clients could agree upon was coming to sessions at Mad Shannons Phit Shed to see familiar faces, talk, laugh, sweat and destress. How did we go from 100mph to 0mph in a matter of days? Was this really only going to last 2 weeks or are we in this for a long period of time?

Turns out we are locked down until the end of April. As a Coach and Business Owner, I've had a mix of emotions and believe it or not, I lost it a few times with the fear of the unknown. However, I looked beyond that. I put my marketing hat back on and went to work on stepping out of my comfort zone by getting creative and doing what I was born to do...COACH.

I wanted my current clients and new clients to be offered easy, equipment limited and effective workouts that are designed for all levels. Like anything, it's trial and error. My first go around of videos may have been a bit overload. I was "dying" trying to both film and do the workout at the same time. I reminded myself that I wanted to stay true to my method and theory, "don't give away the farm and keep it simple silly! Show them the basics and have fun with it". The MSPS Online FREE Workout Community has now grown over 200 members. I hope this continues to grow over the next month.

While I have financially prepared for the crisis, it is in my blood to work and to make a good clean living. What could I do for a minimal fee that would offer new and exciting workouts to people of all levels from the comfort of their home? Lightbulb! ZOOM! Virtual sessions for a minimal fee and a chance to see other people doing the workout together. Genius! As with anything new, it takes time to grow and build. I now offer 6 virtual classes a week and have one personal training client twice a week.

This is not the end. This is the time to reset, refocus and embrace what is in front of you. Take advantage of the downtime to spend extra time with your families. Work on projects that you may have put off the past few months. Find your happiness!

I am here. The Squad is here.

I look forward to seeing you all virtually. If there is anything you are looking for or have any requests, please let me know. All feedback is welcome. Keep in mind I have a mix bag of tools in my tool bag and anything is possible, if you let your mind and body do the work!

Until the next SHEDLog, when the World is turned back on, stay safe and healthy!

Join us virtually here!

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