Sea of Green

We prepared for this moment for months. Hours of grueling training and endless miles. The Cadott Marathon...oh, wait...what? A marathon? NO, not really, just a really long distance for those of us who are classified under the “Non-runner” category.

Truth be told, running is simple. One foot in front of the other. A mile is a mile no matter how fast or how slow you go. It's summer. What’s not to enjoy the great outdoors, and if your body allows it, why not get out and hit the pavement.

This year’s Cadott Neighbor Days Race, sponsored by our home, Serenity Fitness, not only brought running enthusiasts and walkers, but a Sea of Green of Mad Shannon’s Phit Shed Squad members! A toasty eight am start with an uphill battle for all those participating, brought sweat and defeat as we all crossed the finished line! Wrapping up the good old sweat, everyone enjoyed a rootbeer float or an ice cold beer!

MSPS Cadott Marathon Squad

I encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and try new things. If running is not your thing, join in for the walk. Have fun with these small town activities! You never know what this will lead to for you and your own personal journey.

I am proud of every single one of you, and I am humbled by the amazing turnout. This is only the start, only a small defeat in the positive Mad Shannon’s movement! We look forward to future events and I look forward to being out there with you all crushing your goals!

A HUGE shout out to the race coordinators and volunteers. Without you small town events would not be possible, and the Sea of Green would not have flowed!


For now, keep the pace rolling! Set a new goal! Is it the WIN Buckshot Run in September?

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