Summa not "Sometimes"

Summer. A whole whopping 3 months to “fit it all in”. But, does Summer leave you with snug pants and the guilty feeling that you lost your “summer body”?

It is inevitable. We can't wait for summer to get here, and it's jammed packed every week, sometimes double booked, and pours into the week. We tell ourselves we are going to workout outside and put our gym membership on hold. Yet at the end of summer we find ourselves rushing back to the gym or looking for that quick fix to make the button on our pants fit again.

Summer gives us the boost of energy we missed over the last 9 months, however it should not derail us completely. We have every good intention of staying on track and getting movement in, but that at times falls to the curb with the excuses you tell yourself.

Why not make a goal to have a summer body year around and not let summer completely sabotage your goals? Make your body one you are comfortable in year around!


I hear it time and time again. “I am going to put my membership on hold and just workout at home” Ok, well I see that went well you stayed consistent. “It's just so hard to eat healthy all summer long” Really? I thought the Farmers Market offered up fresh fruits and veggies for a reasonable price? And grilling out, isn't that the best? “I just want to lose the muffin top and my love handles, so I think I’ll just go low carb for a while” Because going low carb is the answer?  

The truth is there is no quick fix, medical bills are more expensive than healthy food and having accountability is the ticket to success. Eat, drink and be merry, but in moderation! Be sure you are drinking your water, taking care of your gut with a probiotic, and by all means, popping that multivitamin daily!

Most importantly, MSPS is always here, we never close! We encourage movement even if you had the worst eating/drinking weekend in history! Climb back on that horse and come sweat it out! You will feel so much better!


Until the next ShedLOG, keep up the summer goals! Winter is coming!

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