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Imagine what you were doing 16 weeks ago. Perhaps enjoying some sunny weather, boating, outdoor festivities that include bbq’s and cocktails. All things we enjoy through these short months of summer. 16 weeks ago brings us to Saturday, July 12, 2019. We just celebrated the 4th of July, we maybe even were at Country Jam or Rockfest. Push ahead to 12 weeks, that puts us at August 10, 2019. You are probably wondering why I am referring to these dates, and using a 16 and 12 week mark. What does this all pertain to? Bodybuilding.

In the world of Bodybuilding, it really does take that long to get from point A to point B, point B being the Stage, point A being you, today living a “normal” life. As a competitor for MSPS, you will begin your journey at 16 weeks out. This first 4 weeks will be part of cleaning up your diet, dialing in your workouts and most of all, wrapping your head around this whole process. Then, at the 12 week mark, we lock it in! Taking away alcohol, cheat meals, and sticking to a strict plan while following your workouts to a T for best results.

For Amy and Kerri, 16 weeks of training at the end of summer may have been the toughest part of this journey. Having to say “no” to social events, packing food while traveling, guzzling water like its going out of style, and spending early mornings, nights and weekends at the gym soon turn into the new norm.

Long story short, the day / weekend finally arrived. Traveling to Burnsville Minnesota to get their polygraph done, their tan on, and completely dehydrate before stepping foot on stage. This last show of the season, Minnesota Clash of the Titans, was held at the Ames Center in Burnsville, MN. What an amazing venue, and a well run show. Pro’s graced the stage, and amateurs stepped on, some leaving as pro’s. As a former competitor, it was fun to watch and see that the Judges were legit in awarding their lineups.

Music pumping and muscles popping. Smiles and glitter from head to toe. The ladies of MSPS graced the stage with confidence and grace. As a Coach, they are my final product setting foot on stage. They are literally my “children”. It’s an amazing feeling to be backstage as they pump and prep to walk out on stage in a swimsuit and have their bodies judged. All the work that has led up to this moment glistens on stage. I often wonder though, is most of the excitement knowing they are done? The light at the end of the tunnel has arrived? The food is in sight and the celebrating?

MSPS brought home some hardware once again. While its not always about the hardware, I will say for these two ladies its a win just doing these shows. Stepping on stage. Winning the 16 week process and following through. Even if you walk away without a trophy, you walk away with something else. A journey that will change you forever.

If I have taught these ladies anything, it is to become a better version of themselves and to eat right and train hard to reap the rewards. 2019 was a full Fitness Show season and an exciting one. I am excited for what 2020 holds for MSPS, and for all my Fitness Competitors gracing the stage.

Follow a plan. Trust the process. Most of all, HAVE FUN!

Until the next ShedLOG, drink your water and eat your veggies!

- Coach Shannon

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