"Wrappin' Up 2020 With a BIG Bow!"

It's been a hot minute, such a hot minute that we have left 2020 and have now entered 2021. As I type this, I reflect on what a blur 2020 has been, but also, what lessons and blessings it has brought!

Every year we start out with this vision of what our year is going to look like. We write it down, create a vision board and strive to work towards new goals. Perhaps we start out strong, maybe too strong and eventually we lose focus. Maybe we start out at just the right pace and find that rhythm that keeps us going. That's exactly how I felt…

January rolled in and the only thing on my horizon was leaving my full time job to focus solely on my clients and continue growing Mad Shannon’s Phit Shed. Initially, I planned to leave WIN by May, but my mind was already made up and the loss of focus was already gone at my desk job. My birthday rolled around and the best gift I gave myself was making the leap and giving my notice! Scared, excited, happy, sad - every emotion ran through me! Although, in the end, I knew I was making the right decision!

Fast forward to March when all of a sudden this all came to a screeching halt with the Pandemic. In a nutshell, it taught me how to step outside my comfort zone and create new means of building my business. May arrived and life was starting to open back up as well as Mad Shannon’s Phit Shed. What a relief and a chance to take control of our health, not only physically, but mentally. The Pandemic has made us stronger in all aspects of life and I'm so proud to have you all by my side today!

In 2020 we bowled, golfed, floated the Chippewa River and pole danced. We experienced a tornado. We had track class and TeenFIT. There were so many positive things we did as a Squad that allowed us to build a strong community that shows we can work hard and play hard too!

As I wrap up my books for 2020 and look into the future of Mad Shannon’s Phit Shed, I have a vision and I hope at this time next year is quite the reflection. Have you set your goals for the New Year? Are they achievable? What can I do to help you get there?

If you are reading this and you are afraid to get started, set fear aside and walk through the door. That my friend is the hardest part. My Squad is like none other and I will go to bat for each and every one of them. Let’s make 2021 the best year yet and close the door on anything that is negative or disruptive.

Finally, THANK YOU all for being someone worth knowing. I'm incredibly grateful I took the leap a year ago and get to do my passion every single day with all of you! Cheers to what's to come and good riddance to what has blocked our past visions!

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