Chippewa Falls, WI

My name is Ginny and I live in the Lake Wissota area but also winter in Texas, which is where I am now. I'm retired and have 5 grandchildren so exercise is important to me and helps me keep up with them when they are around. I first met Shannon at the Y when my friend Cathy and I decided we needed some personal training. Shannon was a "great trainer" and at times we wondered what we got ourselves into! The lunges, squats, farmer carries, weights over our heads, stairs, we did it all and we kept coming back for more and found out that we could do it!! I have followed her over the years to the outside work outs in the park, behind her garage in the alley, flipping tires, etc and it was all fun and great work-outs. When Shannon started her MSPS at Serenity Fitness in Cadott I thought I'd give it a try just to add something different to my exercise routine. At first I was hesitant, thinking I'm older and probably couldn't keep up and do it all. But, I found out that it doesn't matter what age you are or what fitness level because you do what you can and you end up pushing yourself harder as your body allows. Shannon helps you modify if you need to and she is such a good motivator and everyone in class encourages each other as well. I'm looking forward to getting back to classes in the spring when I get home, seeing new faces as well as the regulars that were there when I left in December.



Stanley, WI

My name is Sara, and I just so happen to be Shannon’s little sister. I have worked out on and off again with her for years. I am currently in her small group and LOVE it! It fits me good. I get nervous and feel like I’m rushing myself in the big class. In small group I am able to take my time and make sure that I am getting a good workout. Being Shannon’s younger sister does not mean that she takes it easy on me. As you all know she pushes you, she inspires you, she motivates you, and at the end of your work out makes you feel accomplished. With marriage and age I haven’t kept the same shape or size which was hard to face. Shannon has taught me to love myself. That I am not going to be a tiny little stick that I once was. That I am strong and tall and it’s ok to have shoulders and thighs. It’s ok to be strong and have muscles. You don’t have to be skinny, you just have to be happy and healthy. I am married to the love of my life Travis, we are currently building a new home which we are super excited about and can’t wait to move into it in the next few months.



Chippewa Falls, WI

Hello, hello! My name is Stacey, I live in Chippewa Falls on Lake Wissota with my fiancé, Kevin and our two boys Landon(7) and Leighton(2). I have been literally obsessing with the idea of joining Shannon for awhile before I mustard up the courage and started coming. I have to actually give credit to my sister (who doesn’t even come because of scheduling) for taking the initiative to schedule us and for my other sister for coming with me! Shannon is incredible person! I couldn’t imagine having someone else help me reach my goal and to make me feel better in my own skin. She pushes you because she believes in you. She makes you feel you can do anything. I wish I could make it to EVERY class! The atmosphere is amazing at Mad Shannon’s, along with everyone who goes there! I can honestly say that I love working out now and it makes me feel amazing! Don’t let fear or embarrassment stop you from bettering yourself! BEEN THERE!!! Everyone that you admire for being so in shape, also had their first day of working out! Come in and join the family!!



Chippewa Falls, WI

Hi! My name is Ashley Newman. I live in Chippewa Falls out by Lake Wissota. I live with my husband Matt, daughter Abigail, son Levi and our dog Riley. I met Shannon through my friend Sara who is Shannon's sister. I am new to this journey. I have been working with Shannon since this past October. Shannon definitely knows how to kick butt. I am probably her biggest whiner!! I absolutely hate burpees! Although I currently have a free pass on those because of a bad shoulder that I am currently in PT for right now. 🙂 My ultimate goal is to build strength and be the best role model for my kiddos that I can be when it comes to physical activity and what we put in our bellies!

I highly recommend Shannon! She is truly an inspiration! She also has a lot of patience!!



Chippewa Falls, WI

Hello everyone! I'm Brittany and I live in Chippewa with my husband and three kids. Trust me when I say this was a big step for me to start coming to Shannon's classes. I am so very thankful that my friend Kelsey convinced me to show up the first time (which I actually threw up at). I've been participating in Shannon's classes for a little over a year now and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. She is so helpful and supportive. She knows what you're capable of and she'll push you there. This has turned into something I love and have even gotten into having private sessions and even working out at home. I feel so much more accomplished at the end of the day knowing that I put in a little extra time to take care of my body. I 976% HATE the spin bike and I wouldn't care if I never saw one again in my life. I like to run and I'm growing into loving lifting. Every time Shannon teaches me something new I try to utilize it often. Do not let social anxiety, embarrassment, skill level, or ANYTHING hold you back from trying one of her classes. You will not regret coming and Shannon will definitely change your life for the better! I am truly grateful of my Phit Shed Squad and our Gym Ma!



Chippewa Falls, WI

Hi everyone! My name is Ashley… I live in Chippewa Falls with my 10 year old daughter, Sophie. I have been a squadder with Shannon since 2011. I was introduced to Shannon by my cousin Kerry when we started private group training at the YMCA with the JGMAK crew! I am so thankful that Kerry invited me to join, and that I decided to go, even though I was terrified and had never worked out a day in my life prior to this. I literally puked the first time we worked out. I had no idea what to expect..and I definitely did not think alligator crawls with a 40 pound weight were going to be involved. 😝 Shannon pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me believe that I could accomplish much more than I thought I was capable of. One of my favorite workouts is nappercize. Just kidding! It would definitely involve deadlifts. My absolute least favorite things are mountain climbers, wall balls and running. One thing for my squad to keep in mind: we are all unique. We all kick ass. Don’t worry about keeping up with everyone else. I have followed Shannon throughout the years…wherever she goes! No matter how bad she tortures us, we always have many laughs at MSPS. These gals are the best.



Chippewa Falls, WI

Hi everyone! My name is Cheryl. I live in Chippewa Falls on Lake Wissota with my husband Tom. I have 3 grown children including Kelsey who I was able to convince to join Shannon’s workouts a couple years ago as well! I met Shannon at Highland Fitness in Eau Claire several years ago (10 years or more?) and have followed her around since then including classes at both Highland Fitness locations in Eau Claire and Hallie, sessions at Shannon’s house and Irvine Park, Excite Wellness and now Serenity Fitness in Cadott. Shannon is one of the most awesome trainers as well as people I know! She puts together amazing workouts and adjusts them to meet everyone’s needs. Shannon always encourages and challenges me in ways that I’m inspired and motivated to give 110% to every workout. She brings a positive energy to every session that she delivers that really makes me believe I can do anything if I put my mind to it! I think what I really like about Shannon the most is that she’s so genuine and caring. She shares her knowledge, expertise and experience every day with a number of people across multiple sessions but she always makes time for each and every one of her clients and she gets to know each person at an individual level. I incorporated daily workouts into my routine over 15 years ago when I worked in the Eastridge Center in Eau Claire. I started going to the gym after I had my third baby (ok he was 5!) and I realized the weight wasn’t going to just fall off. The gym was located in the same building I worked in, there were no excuses! The more I went though, the more I realized that not only is there a physical benefit to the workouts but what I benefited from even more is the psychological benefits of exercise. Reduce stress, better sleep, alleviate anxiety, boost brainpower, the list goes on and on! Several years ago I moved my workouts to first thing in the morning and now I get some kind of exercise in most mornings before heading off to work. It’s just a way of life! I continue to push myself to try new things. Last year I ran my first half marathon and now incorporate running into my routine on a regular basis. Lastly, the people I’ve met along the way have become special friends. I look forward to catching up with my “workout” friends and the best thing about these people is that they’ve all made physical fitness and health a priority in life!



Chippewa Falls, WI

Hi Everyone! My name is Kelsey, I live in Chippewa Falls on Lake Wissota with my Husband Cory. My Mom, Cheryl convinced me to try one of Shannon's workouts a couple years ago when she was holding sessions at her house. I never thought I would be flipping tires or hauling them through her alley, but joining my mom that day was one of the best decisions I've ever made! I've continued with Shannon through Excite Wellness and now Serenity Fitness in Cadott. Shannon is such an inspiration! She is always positive, encouraging and challenges me in ways I never thought were possible. You can always count on leaving Shannon's class sweating and smiling!! I love my Fit Fam! Come join us, you won't regret it!



Stanley, WI

Hi! My name is Mindy. My husband, Mike, and I live in Stanley with our three kids. Over the past year, the weight was creeping on, little by little. I was telling myself all the excuses (I know you know what I’m talking about) about why the weight was on. And, since I had recently turned 40, I was accepting the fact that this was just the way it was going to be and this was the new me. Besides, my metabolism isn’t the same as when I was thirty, right? It wasn’t until I saw a picture of myself and cried because I didn’t realize I looked like that and knew I needed to do something about it. That’s when Shannon came into the picture. Ladies, I know what I need to do to lose weight. However, I NEEDED someone to hold me accountable. I needed someone to hold me accountable of tracking my food, hold me accountable of entering my food, hold me accountable to get my workouts in. If you are looking for that accountability piece with Shannon, you will not be disappointed. Shannon keeps me on track and motivates me on a daily basis. She sees the big picture when sometimes I can’t seem to see past the day. She has given me the tools I needed to get healthy. I have never felt as strong as I do right now! In the past three months, with Shannon’s expertise, I have been able to lose over 10 pounds, over 6% of my bodyfat and almost 15 inches, all while increasing my lean muscle by 5 pounds. I love how I am looking now, but more importantly, I am LOVING how I feel! And, as you’ve read in all of the other posts from the squad, you are going to meet some really awesome people! I am so thankful for my new friendships I’ve developed with some pretty amazing women! We are all here for the same get healthy and feel better about ourselves. We lift each other up and keep each other going. Come and join us and see for yourself! You are going to feel so much better!


Stanley, WI

Hi, My name is Jane! I am an empty nester - Mom of 7 and Grandma of 8. I Struggled with knee pain for quite some time keeping me from any kind of exercising. I had a Total Knee replacement 7 months ago and I really wanted to get myself fit again. I did do everything Physical Therapy said to do, and then some. If they said do 10 leg lifts I did 15. I did not want this new knee to make me “Get Old!” When I was done with PT I felt winded when I tried to do things. I knew I had to get my body back in shape so when my 6 month post surgery time frame was up, I wanted to find someone to help me and make me accountable. I heard about Shannon’s Shed classes and thought “why not give it a try?” I met her once before (we won’t say where, lol) and I loved her energy. When I went to my first shed class I asked my daughters go with me. I was grateful they did. I seriously thought I was out of my league. I pushed myself to try to do everything on the board. After that first class I honestly could barely walk without hurting trying to go up or down stairs was almost impossible and even sitting was a struggle! My quads and glutes were so sore. 100 % true statement. I didn’t stop. Shannon was so encouraging she and the girls in the class made me feel so welcome. I now feel so much more energy. I look forward to classes.(if only Mother Nature would stop her craziness, we have had to cancel a few) I have customers and family noticing that I am getting fit! I am so proud of what I can do now. I could hardly squat at first. Now I do it with weights! I love the Fit at 5 a.m. class. Shannon always has a smile and positive vibes. Even at 5 a.m.?!? I’m not sure how she does it. Shannon has also helped me with learning how to count macros. (I think I may be her worst nightmare😬) I have had so many questions and she is always quick to reply and let me know any answers never making me feel stupid for asking. I think I finally get it now! Ha! I am grateful for new friends I’ve made. We are all there for the same reason no matter our age or body type. I enjoy exercising again. I actually like checking the macros now and making all of the protein, carbs and fat fit into my diet. If you are thinking about getting fit. I would encourage you to join us and start here. It is so much fun.


Stanley, WI

Hello, my name is Jen! I am a blessed momma of two amazing kids, Briar is 2.5 years old and Gable is 10 months. I married my high school sweetheart and we’ve been together for 15 years and happily married for 5 years. I have always enjoyed working out and eating healthy. In fact, before kids I was a CrossFit trainer at a gym in Eau Claire, being healthy and fit was my job! But once I became a mom I had a tough time balancing everything important to me... family, job, and health. My husband is a wrestling coach and athletic director so the school year is always a super crazy time for us. I heard about Shannon’s SHED class in Cadott and decided to give it a try. I enjoyed the class so much I signed up after the first day and I also signed up for the nutrition accountability. It’s been wonderful to be part of the community! I enjoy having Shannon hold me accountable, it helps balancing my life a lot easier. 😊 My Mom also signed up so sweating it out with her is a plus too! If you’re questioning joining... do it! The woman are great, the workouts are tough, and you feel accomplished walking out! You’ll never know what you can accomplish if you don’t try.


Chippewa Falls, WI

My name is Beth! I joined the SHED crew about a year ago and never knew I could actually enjoy working out. Seriously. Being a mom of two littles, working full-time, and being a part-time law school student, I needed a way to de-stress. Although I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of spending my free time doing burpees and the battle rope (aka the worst thing to exist), after a few weeks I could tell I was getting more energy, my clothes were fitting a little better, and my stamina was increasing. I came to look forward to SHED classes each week or several times per week. Shannon really does modify any workout to tailor to individual needs but pushes each person to their max. (She is even sympathetic when I can barely pick my body up off the ground because I had too much fun the night before 😉). I am currently on a SHED hiatus because I am having my third baby. Even though I haven’t been to class in several months, Shannon still checks in with me and makes me feel like I am still part of the squad - I also love seeing the weekly photos and videos. I know as soon as I am able to get back in the action, Shannon will help me get my postpartum body back to its pre-baby self. If you even have a slight interest in checking out what SHED is all about -just do it. You may be like me and complain the whole time or leave a workout to go puke quick but you will grow to love the workouts, seeing your body transform, and being a part of a little workout family.


Cadott, WI

Hi! In Jodie Kuehni, I live in Cadott with my husband Randy. I've always struggled with my weight, doing what I thought was "the right thing". My sister Kelly hooked me up with a diet coach she was working with. I worked with him for 2+ years learning about macros and nutrition. Decided I needed to work out, but didn't necessarily want to join a gym. I saw one of Shannon's posts on serenity fitness Facebook page, mentioned it to a friend. I was nervous to go alone as I'm not that used to working out in a group setting. So off we went to our 1st class. It was great! Shannon was so great to work with! She makes these classes for literally everyone! We couldn't walk for 3 days!! The pain was real, but we continued on and I'm so glad I found Shannon! I'm doing this for the obvious health reasons and I'm very active with my granddaughter, I must keep up with her and her soon to come brother. I'm telling you.....if you're looking for a great class just come to just one of Shannons she's awesome. Everyone in the classes are so supportive you won't be sorry. I've learned different things I can do at home with little or no gym equipment if I can't make it to a class. Thank you so much for all that you've taught me, your patience with my whinning and all of your support Shannon. I look forward to growing with you!


Cadott, WI

Hi! My name is Heather. I’m married to my wonderful husband Maxwell and I’m about to become a new Mom….. like within a couple weeks. :) I started SHED at Excite Wellness and then followed Shannon to Serenity which was actually convenient because I am from Cadott originally and live there now. I had heard about Shannon’s workouts and I wanted to give them a try! My why is because I simply “have to.” To be honest, I don’t enjoy the act of working out. (I know, really inspirational) I do it because I need to stay physically fit for the military and to be healthy. I hate getting up in the morning to work out, so unless I’m in a good flow, you’ll most likely only see me at night classes! What I do enjoy and love is the community and coach... that’s honestly what keeps me coming back. Shannon and the group of people that follow her is amazing. The squad is so welcoming, encouraging, and make the workouts so much fun. Before I took my break from class, Shannon was modifying the exercises for me during the workouts and she would have continued to do this for me until delivery day. It was completely my choice to take a break from class. Shannon was one of the first people I told I was pregnant because Shannon knows her clients and knows what they are capable of, so if I was “halfing” it, she would’ve said something. Throughout the time, I have been on my break Shannon has been checking up on me and has been in contact with me consistently. She truly cares about her clients.

I have two weeks left until my due date and as soon as I am feeling able I will be back to her classes! I can’t wait to meet the amazing people I see on the MSPS Facebook page that are coming to the classes and joining the squad. My goals when I come back.. because mark my words, I’m promising you and myself that I will be back… are to gradually increase my stamina and strength. While I’m working at this I’m going to try not to get frustrated with myself because I know it will be a bit of a journey.


Cadott, WI

I’m Angie McDonald and grew up in Eau Claire, and moved to Cadott about 20 years ago and STILL really don’t know anyone but have enjoyed my time here. I have a son, Hunter—he runs Kluck Steel so EVERYONE knows him. I am that crazy, over the top, worry CONSTANTLY kind of mom, he loves that…HA, but he is my world, proud mama bear. I live with my husband, Jon, he is pretty great…..MOST of the time and our crazy princess Luna, she is quite the dog! I work full time at the VA Clinic in Chippewa and have been there almost 15 years, I have great co-workers and our patients are top notch. I started attending Total Tone with Shannon a few months back and I did ATTEMPT 1 SHED class. Shannon was warm and welcoming since the second I stepped into her class. She is engaging, thorough and VERY patient (she must be, she has me in class). I now attend FIT at 5 and love it!! It is intense but I feel great when it is done. I am someone, who really, never worked out until Total Tone, wish I was kidding. I have zero skill or strength or fitness skill, yet Shannon has welcomed me with open (beautifully toned) arms. I am realizing, after 42 years, that I really need to take of me. So, baby steps are still steps and I hope to continue to improve. I do not care about being the skinny girl, I care about being the healthy girl, throw in some tone and strength and I’m set. I am also trying to be more aware of what I put into my body. I am a work in progress, slow work but doing it. I have enjoyed every class I have taken with Shannon. My future DIL Nicole is my sidekick for class and that is nice to have a partner in fitness. I like arm workouts the best, or maybe I don’t LOVE them but tired of my arms flapping in the wind LOL. Shannon adapts all fitness moves and that is what I NEED! I also like everyone that I have encountered at her classes, they are helpful and I don’t feel judged. I will just keep plugging along the best that I can and keep moving forward and trying to better me for me and my family and FUTURE family, I want to be a grammy….sooner than later. I hope to continue getting stronger and I hope I can be motivation for someone. IF I CAN DO IT, TRULY ANYONE CAN!! So, what are you waiting for, GET TO SHANNONS’ CLASSES!!




Cadott, WI

Hello everyone my name is Alissa. I live in Cadott Wisconsin with my husband and beautiful 6 month old baby girl Sophie. I am registered nurse as well so health is usually on my mind :) I started on Shannon’s crew about 3ish months after having my daughter. My friend Heather recommended Shannon and she was teaching at Serenity Fitness where I regularly work out. I work out for many reasons, but the biggest and most important reason is because it makes me feel so good!! Sure the workouts are tough but the way you feel after makes them so worth it. I know when I maintain my health I am not only physically healthier but mentally as well! Hello endorphins !! I would recommend Shannon to any person who is looking to not only look better but feel better as well. She puts just the right amount of pressure on you, understands if you have limitations and works with them, and provides a fun atmosphere!!




Cadott, WI

Hi everyone, my name is Kristina. I live south of Cadott with my husband Mark as well as my boys Nate (18) and Sam (16). I also have a stepson Corey that lives in Chippewa. I became part of the “Squad” just a couple of months ago after my workout buddy Cheryl talked me into trying it. I am so happy she did! My fitness journey started about 10 years ago when Serenity Fitness opened. My husband and I knew that we needed to start making changes if we wanted to stay healthy. We both work full time and were running kids for sports every day. Adding one more thing like going to the gym seemed crazy, but we knew it was what we needed. After joining, I quickly realized that I would probably spend my time there on the treadmill and would be bored with it in no time! So, I hired the trainer they had who along with our 1 on 1 sessions helped me with my nutrition. That was seriously one of the best things I have done for myself. I lost about 15 to 20 pounds, I had more energy, my stress level improved, and I also found that I was gaining confidence and feeling much better about myself.
In the short time I have known Shannon, I can tell you she is an amazing trainer and her classes are a great workout. And bonus, they are fun! I would encourage anyone that is looking to feel better to talk with her. Come join us in one of her classes or hire her for 1 on 1 sessions, I promise you will not regret it!




Bloomer, WI

Hey everyone, I'm Kelly Custer. I am the mom of two daughters Laken (18) and Tavyn (15). Laken in going to school at UWL, so it is just me, Tavyn and our herd of animals living at our home in Bloomer. I am also a Special Education Teacher at Robbins Elementary in Eau Claire and a fitness instructor at Midwest Physical Therapy and Fitness Center in Bloomer. I have been going to fitness classes since I was a little girl. My mom would go to Jazzercize and I'd go along and absolutely loved it. I started teaching classes while in college. I had met Shannon back in the day at the YMCA. Since then, I continue to add new things into my exercise world. I realized that my body is not as user friendly as it once was and I needed a little (or a lot) of help to figure it out. Thanks to Shannon, I'm hoping I'm on the right track! I have only been apart of the Squad since the beginning of January, but I am loving every minute of it. It is so refreshing...just what I needed.




Cadott, WI

Hi Everyone! My name is Ashley Anderson. I grew up and graduated from Cadott and then went on to school to become a chiropractor. I lived in MN for 7 years before returning to WI. I now co-own Cook & Anderson Chiropractic right here in Cadott and am grateful to be able to serve my family, friends and community. December 22nd my best friend, Jon Pozarski, asked me to be his wife! We will be getting married June 8th and I am so excited! We live in Cadott and have a dog named Cache who is just like a kid. Both our families live around here, so we spend a lot of time with them and at our cabins in Winter. Chiropractic and its philosophy and lifestyle are a huge part of my life, but exercise and fitness have been a part of my life since I've been a kid. I love yoga, hiking, snowshoeing, water skiing, running short distances (I've done 2 half-marathons...that's, etc. and especially enjoy doing these activities with my friends and family. When I lived in MN I was much more strict about what I ate and worked out a lot. I really enjoyed the bootcamp classes at LifeTime Fitness, but when I moved back to WI I fell off the wagon both nutritionally and physically. I struggled to find something that really spoke to and motivated me until I met Shannon. Her Fit at 5 classes work the best with my schedule and I love them! I feel so energized and empowered afterwards and it's awesome to see people of all ages and fitness levels working out together. It's a great group and I'm grateful to be part of an awesome tribe!




Cadott, WI

Hi everyone, my name is Nicole. I live just north of Cadott with my husband Craig, son Bryce (7) and step daughter Tylee (13). My fitness journey started in December of 2016 when I purchased one of those at home DVD sets to get in shape for my niece’s destination wedding. In just a few months I had dropped 15lbs and was feeling great about wearing that swim suit on the beach. I kept the weight off until August when I went back to school to become an EMT. I found EVERY excuse why I couldn’t make time to go to the gym and why I needed that Mtn. Dew. I finished class in January of 2018 and that is when I realized I not only put back on all the weight I had lost, but that I felt horrible. I started working out with my DVD set and again watching what I ate, but I soon became bored with the DVD’s so I joined Serenity Fitness. After several months of working out I became once again bored and needed something to change it up. I really wanted to attend a SHED class that Shannon hosted, but I was scared to death of this girl and what she was making her group go through. I decided that I would instead have a personal training session with Shannon and have her make me a few personalized workouts. During my first and only personal training session with Shannon I truly realized how out of shape I was even though I had been working out for over 10 months. I couldn’t walk for a week!!! I promised myself when I was able to complete the four workouts she made for me I would attend one of her classes. Attending her SHED class was amazing. Not only does she give me the push I need to step up to the next weight, but she also is understanding when I’m not quite there yet on a certain move. I feel that Shannon along with the entire Squad has helped me realize I am not in this journey alone and that as long as I keep the promise to myself, they are there to support me along the way. I encourage anyone to join us in one of her classes or schedule a 1 on 1 session.




Stanley, WI

Hi! My name is Danielle. I live in Stanley with my husband Dan, and two boys who are 13 and 8. My husband is gone about 85% of the time for work, my older son plays sports all year long, including baseball all over the state. So, I don’t have a lot of time for myself, and of course I never ask for help! This led to shoulder problems/injuries, and eventually having a frozen shoulder for 18 months. This was very painful and limited my movement quite a bit. I couldn’t do anything with my sons that we used to do. I could barely get my hair in a pony tail, and sometimes I couldn’t even do that! Finally, last summer my shoulder thawed out. I felt like I had zero muscle tone and zero muscle strength afterwards. I joined SHED late last summer in Thorp. I also went to other classes with Shannon that I could fit in because I loved the workout. I did Buts & Guts, Total Tone, and Fit @ 5. Anything to help me along with strengthening myself backup. I was super excited a couple months ago to realize I was using 10-15-pound weights and doing push ups without my knees down. This was a huge improvement for me.I was never considered over-weight, and I wasn’t really in it for weight loss. I did think a few pounds would be good, and my current clothes would fit a little better and I’d be happy. I haven’t lost any weight, but I have gone done two pant sizes, and wear a smaller shirt size now. I had a friend recently ask me how much weight I lost, and I was confused by her question. She was shocked when I told her none. I asked a couple others after that, and they had the same reaction. So, it was an added bonus that wasn’t even really on my mind because I was focused on something else. SHED is a great class! The time goes by so quickly because of the variety of exercise, and the camaraderie of everyone there.




Cadott, WI

Hi everyone! My name name is Lisa. I live in Cadott with my husband Dave, our son Hanley, and our dog Piper. I am a 7th grade math teacher. I met Shannon quite some time ago, as I have been friends with her sister Sara since first grade! I started working out with Shannon at Serenity in October. When I had my son in February of 2017, I was a fortunate one and lost 30 lbs after having him. By the time he was 18 months old though, I noticed some of the weight creeping back on. I had heard of Shannon’s classes, and wanted to start, but always talked myself out of it. My friend Ashley N. started working out there and around the same time Shannon was offering a free class. I decided to give it a try and was so glad I did! The class kicked my butt and I was so sore for a few days after, but I kept going back and really started to enjoy going each week. Shannon does a great job modifying for beginners (I didn’t know what half of the moves were when I started!), but still pushes you to give it your all! I’m currently taking a break from SHED, as we are expecting our second baby early September! I will be excited to get back to working out with Shannon and the crew to help get my postpartum body back into shape.




Cadott, WI

Hi! My name is Deb and I live in Cadott. I’m a mom of 2 kids, and an “extra” mom to 3 more! My boyfriend is currently serving overseas, so I’m a busy gal! Not to mention, we just welcomed a new puppy into our home! I started exercising and running 6 years ago. I never was a “skinny girl”, but I found I liked running. A have a few half marathons under my belt and I love distance running!   I hurt my back a couple of years ago, and was really struggling. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to run or work out again. Even just sitting in a car hurt!
I refused to have surgery and I eventually found a chiropractor to help with my back. Slowly I began to walk and eventually run again (short distances). I’ve seen Shannon at the gym a few times, working with her small groups, and I thought she was very intimidating! But to be honest, I was very curious, too! I ran on the treadmill with only one ear bud in so I could hear what she was saying! I knew I needed to strengthen my core and needed to do more than running, but I was scared to injure myself. In the past, I’ve done Insanity, but I didn’t know if my back could handle that again! So I started thinking about reaching out to her….After a few weeks of thinking, I didn’t need to reach out to her because she started offering FREE workouts on Fridays and Saturdays! I knew I needed to give her classes a try and I had no excuses! What else was I doing at 0500 on a Friday morning?!?! I went to her first Fit at 5 class and I’ve been hooked ever since! This week, I’m starting my small group class and am excited about it! Shannon has a great style and is very welcoming. She is fun, and takes the time to make sure you are doing moves correctly! I’ve never touched a kettle bell, sand ball, wall ball, or walked up a wall until I started working out with Shannon! Shannon makes working out fun! The hour seems to go by fast, even when some seconds tend to last FOREVER in her classes!




Cadott, WI

I started 2019 off with the goal of living a healthier cleaner life. Here we are half into the year and I’m loving and craving gym time! I started my gym membership almost a year ago and only went a handful of times in 2018. But once the New Year rang in, it was time to get to business. I was quickly introduced to Shannon and her classes, where I found myself scared. Scared of failure, the unknown, and well Shannon is a bit intimidating. 😉 But I quickly learnt to love her! She is a great motivator and pushes me every time I lace up those shoes.

I have never worked out routinely in my life, I wasn’t an athlete so the gym life is an entirely new world to me. I was diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth disease (CMT) in 2003 with my first double foot reconstruction in 2004, followed by 4 other foot surgeries. CMT is a hereditary motor and sensory neuropathies that affects the peripheral nervous system causing loss of muscle tissue and touch sensations in the hands and feet. I never let this diagnosis defeat me, but I have allowed it to hold me back. Being told that I would never be able to gain muscle mass I thought working out was a loss cause. But 2019 came and I decided I needed a change and I would at least give it a try and Shannon has been great, never down playing my need for modifications when it comes to a work out. I am so grateful that I am able to fit in gym time each week in between being a single mother to a beautiful independent 12 year old girl, Aubrey. 💕 Who is a great support and motivator, she is my little athlete that I love to push and encouraged her to take Cross country and Track for the first time this year, this girl loves to run! I also get to watch her play on the volleyball court. ❤ We live in Cadott where we built our own little ‘tiny’ house in the past year. I love being active and busy so not only on top of normal responsibilities I also run my own business, Vinyl in Style. I’m also an active volunteer with the Cadott Community Association. So I have every reason not to go to the gym, but I remember how I feel afterwards, I challenge you to give it a try, not once, twice, but I say by the third time you may be hooked!



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